Canon 35mm f/2, 35mm f/1.4, and 35mm f/2.8 Lens Comparison

Canon 35mm Lens Comparison

Canon 35mm. If I could only have one lens, my desert-island lens would be a 35mm. It’s an incredible focal length. Very, very versatile. Allows you to get wide enough to create context. Not so far back that it’s passive. It allows you to get close, without creating a lot of distortion. Canon makes three of 35mm lenses. In this article, we’re going to explain to you what makes each one special.

Canon 35mm f/2 IS USM

Now, what makes this Canon 35mm f2 IS USM Lens so special is the optical image stabilizer that’s built into the lens. Wonderful if you’re hand-holding. Shooting in a lower light situation. Need compensation for a handshake. It’s also great for video shooters who may want to fly the lens on a body on a gimbal.

One of my favorite features of the lens is the focusing distance scale what you can see on the top. This is great for setting your pre-focus. Or, if you’re thinking about your general focusing distance you can set that. Stop the lens down to F8 and be there.

The lens has been optimized for some updated coatings that reduce ghosting and flare. This is really tuned more towards digital. Older iterations of the lens, which were made when you’re still shooting 35mm film. They were great. But, you would occasionally get that can ghosting and flare type of effect to happen. That’s really well-controlled here. It’s just a great all-around street lens.

Also, photographers that use this lens on an APS-C body get some wonderful benefits. All the same, benefits that you have on a full-frame. The focal lengths going to read more like a normal 50mm lens.

Canon 35mm f/1.4 L II

This is Canon’s premium L series 35mm lens and you can feel this as soon as you pick the lens up. It’s heavy, it’s well-built, well-constructed. There are seals and gaskets throughout the lens that keeps dust and moisture out of the glass and out of your camera body.

It’s really set up for a stills photographer. It’s great features like the focusing distance scale on top and the extra wide manual focusing ring. What’s cool is even if you are employing autofocus, you can override the AF just by turning the focusing ring. I think that’s a wonderful feature.

The large aperture F1.4 allows you to separate foreground from background beautifully. It’s not just the size of that aperture it’s also the way that the aperture blades are shaped. There’re nine blades that are cut in a perfect circle. Has the most pleasing out-of-focus areas of all the lenses we’ve been looking at today.

Canon Macro EF-S 35mm f/2.8 IS STM

Wow, that is a very long title. Important to note, this is an EF-S lens. That means it’s only compatible with Canon’s APS-C system bodies.

It’s an incredibly close focusing lens. It focuses at about 5 inches (12.7cm) and gives you a macro reproduction of 1 to 1.

Another incredible feature is there’s a built-in LED ring light at the front of the lens. You can have both sides on or illuminate left or right. Depending on your subject.

Often times with macro photography you are shooting for more depth of field. You’re stopping your lens down. That comes in at the expense of a slower shutter speed. It’s nice having the built-in Optical Image Stabilization. Because you can still hand-hold your shot, be more spontaneous in your composition. Without worrying about camera shake.

Of all the 35mm lenses, this is the only one that featured Canon’s STM or a stepping motor. It gives you fast and silent autofocus in both photo and video. If you have a macro video application, this is definitely one to look at.

Street photography is an incredible way to get to know a new place. Or, see a place that you’ve been in a completely new light. You’d be hard-pressed to find a photographer that doesn’t love 35mm lens for doing just that. It’s great for creating context, getting close when you need to get close.

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