How To Break Photography Rules For Great Photos

How To Break Photography Rules For Great Photos

In this quick tip, I am going to talk about three photographic composition rules that I often like to break. You probably learned a lot of these rules when you were first starting out, but all rules are meant to be broken.

1. Rule of Thirds

The first big one is the rule of thirds! I know you’ve heard about this one before. You take two horizontal lines and two vertical lines and imagine them evenly spaced apart throughout your frame, then what you do is you place your subjects at one of the crosshairs where those lines meet.

Well sometimes I’ll actually put my subjects in the dead center of the frame and know that breaks the rule, but the key for me is to have a lot of symmetry around. By centering them that way it can sometimes really heighten the drama in the photograph.

2. Having The Sun at Your Back

The second rule is about having the sun at your back. The idea is to have your subjects evenly lit, which makes for simple exposures, even if you’re shooting on some kind of auto mode with your camera.

But sometimes, it’s nice to turn around and shoot with the sun shining right into your face. Your subject is going to be a complete silhouette, but if you expose for the background it might make for a nice photograph. You can also put them right in front of the sun, so they block the brightest point and have a nice halo around them. If you want you can add in a little bit of flash to light them up, and that’s the best way to make a picture of somebody in front of a sunrise, or a sunset.

3. Filling The Frame

The last rule I like to break is about filling the frame. Usually, you want to fill the frame with your subject, so you can eliminate any distracting backgrounds, and don’t waste any space in the image, but sometimes I like to use negative space in my image. By making the subject smaller on the frame, it can make them either look really small, or they could dominate the space. Play around with placement a bit you’ll find what works best for each photo.

So these are some of the photographic rules I like to break! Of course, it’s best to master them first before you go rogue, but that way when you use them, it’s done for a creative reason and not just by accident. 

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