How to Manage Your Memory Cards

How to Manage Your Memory Cards

It doesn’t matter if you have one memory card or dozens of memory cards and it doesn’t matter what format you shoot CF, SD, micro SD or and old microdrive from 1997.

I recommend having a really great memory card wallet to keep them in. This will protect it from bumps and bruises as well as the elements like rain and snow.

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There are two memory card cases that I use, the first one is the Pixel Pocket Rocket from Think Tank Photo. It folds up real nice and small but, the secret is in the inside. It holds 8 CF memory cards and three STD’s.

I do carry one more memory card case with me, the second one is a hard case it only holds four CF cards. But the advantage is, it sealed tight, it’s weather shield from snow and rain, and it actually may be bulletproof.

Divide Used Cards and Empty Cards

If you shoot with multiple cards how do you make sure you don’t reuse the same memory card by accident and lose your images. What I do is the shot card I take out of my camera, I put it in the card wallet upside down, with the back side showing. That way I know not to reformat that card until I have backed up the images or I will kill myself.

Keep Your Memory Cards Safe

Now that I safely stored my images in my card wallet, how do I keep my card wallet safe? The cameras I might keep in my hotel room or my car and you know there could be a fire or flood, hurricane, volcanic eruption or earthquake but I’m good cause I know my images are in my pocket and I’ve got them safe at all times.


Just remember your pictures are your most important thing, so get a really good memory card wallet. Make sure you flip over those cards so you know which ones have shot images and which ones don’t, and keep that card wallet separate from your camera just in case anything happens, you know you got your pictures safe at all times.

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