How To Use Watermarks On Your Photos

How To Use Watermarks On Your Photos

This quick tip is about something that every photographer deals with if they’ve ever put images on the internet. Watermarks. A watermark is a text or logo you put on a digital image to show who shot the photo. Also, sometimes it’s used to show copyright protection.

Should you actually put a watermark on your photographs?

Well, if you ask ten photographers you’ll probably get ten different answers. Personally, I believe your name should be somewhere on your images so that a potential future client knows who took the picture and can find you and hire you.

The key is to not make it too big and obnoxious, so it doesn’t take away from your photograph. Putting a giant copyright symbol over the middle of your image will certainly keep somebody from stealing it and using it in a way you didn’t want. But also you won’t be able to see the picture, so what’s the point in that?

So now that we’ve decided the watermark should be small, what should it look like? Well, using your business logo might be a good idea but only if you can really read your contact info. If it’s too artistic and crazy, and it doesn’t make any sense, they won’t be able to make it out and find you.

Copyright Symbol, Name and Website

What I do is use a program like photoshop to create a single line of small text at the bottom right-hand corner of my images. It has a copyright symbol, my name, and my website. I use black text with a white outline so it shows up on a photograph anywhere, whether it’s light or dark. I’ve also created a photoshop action so I can create this whole thing in one simple click. It’s really easy to do.

Of course, someone could just crop that off the image and use the picture anyway without permission. But if they get caught, once they’ve cut that off of there, it’s a really strong legal case because it’s a willful infringement at that point.

The bottom line is, you want people to know who shot the pictures so that if they go viral it’s just good marketing for your business. But remember not to get too crazy, or the only thing they’ll remember is that ridiculous watermark all over your photographs! 

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