Kandao Uses AI To Change 30fps Footage Into Super Slow Motion

Kandao Uses AI To Change 30fps Footage Into Super Slow Motion

The Chinese camera and software company Kandao has announced a new technology called AI Slow-Motion which uses machine learning to transform ordinary footage into super slow motion shots. It can make a video 30fps look like it was shot at 300fps, for instance.

Neural networks are used to predict and fill additional frames between actual frames, resulting in smooth film video from existing videos while optimizing quality.

Kandao says “Using the new feature, users can slow down the footage to up to 10x slow motion after taking them,For example, a 360-degree video originally captured at 8k 30fps can be transferred into a 240fps slow-motion in 8K, a 4k 60fps video can be exported at 4K 480fps, by selecting a factor of eight during the 360 stitching workflow in Kandao/QooCam Studio software.”

Here’s an ordinary %10-speed playback of footage shot on the Kandao Obsidian S vs. AI slow-motion that mimics a 1200fps camera look:

Kandao CEO Dan Chen says “Slow-motion offers possibilities to capture special moments in an epic way, but not all camera can do it, the high-fps camera is very expensive, as it requires large memories and is data-intensive, which is even more challenging for 360-degree cameras with multiple lenses.”

In Kandao’s Obsidian and QooCam 360/VR cameras, AI Slow-Motion will first appear, but Kandao is planning to open the tech to other cameras down the road. For now, in the latest Qoocam Studio and the upcoming Kandao Studio v3.0 (coming April 23rd), if you own a Kandao camera, you can find the new feature.

via: Kandao

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