Leica Q2 Compact Camera – Quick Review

Leica Q2 Compact Camera Review
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Leica Q2 which is an all new high-end full-frame compact camera. This camera has a fixed 28mm F1.7 lens and a whopping 47 megapixels of resolution.

Leica Q2 looks a lot like the original Leica Q from 2015 but looks can be deceiving. In typical Leica fashion, cameras have no ports. But Leica Q2 does come with a BP-SCL4 battery lifted from the Leica SL.

Burst shooting maxes out at 10 frames per second with focus locked. The Leica Q2 can now shoot 4K video.

Simple Controls

The controls are simplified, the power switch around the shutter release no longer doubles as the drive mode selector which is a welcome change. There are only three buttons down the left side of the display.

Leica redesigned the top command dial has and has built a customizable function button right into it. The small button near the thumb rest gives you the option for 35 millimeter, 50 millimeter, and now 75-millimeter digital crops.

Weather Seal

Last but not least like it has confirmed that unlike the original Leica Q at the Leica Q2 is weather sealed to IP52 standards. So it’s not waterproof but it should be fine with a little Seattle drizzle.

Leica says the lens is unchanged and even with almost double the resolution of the original Leica Q to deal with it gives gorgeous results. Its optically stabilized and engaging macro mode or manual focusing are both super smooth.

Together with the new sensor is an updated Maestro Processor giving you a base ISO of 50 and really snappy performance overall despite all the resolution that you have.

The Leica Q2 is a camera that just feels great in the hand. It responds instantly, produces beautiful RAW files, and it’s plain fun to use.

Price is $4995

But this is a Leica after all and if you think the Leica Q2 is for you be prepared to shell out a significant four thousand nine hundred and ninety-five dollars for one.

If you’re hoping to pick up an original Leica Q at a discount you should hurry. The Leica Q to officially replaces the older camera so once it’s out of stock that’s it.

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