MOZA Mini-MI Smartphone Gimbal Review

Moza Mini-MI Smartphone Gimbal Review

Moza Mini-Mi is a three-axis electronic gimbal for smartphones. Now, these days smartphones are improving and you can shoot amazing videos and images just with your smartphone. The smartphone I am using is the Samsung Galaxy S9+. It can shoot 4K 60fps and if you actually match that video quality with some motion with some movement in your videos you can create some really good videos.

The thing is when you are moving and if you’re shooting handheld, the videos won’t look good and that is why a gimbal is a very essential component in mobile videography. In this post we will review MOZA Mini-MI Smartphone Gimbal.

Firstly the gimbal comes actually in a case that looks like carbon fiber from outside but it’s not carbon fiber obviously. The case has a good soft sponge inside so your gimbal is actually safe in that case and that solves the problem. Once you open the case you get two things the gimbal and the small tripod we will come to that tripod later.

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Build Quality

Let’s talk about Moza Mini-Mi’s build quality first. When we look to the build quality I would rate it at about 4 out of 5. Of course, the build quality is good even when it was raining the build quality was extremely good and the motors did not fail at all. But the thing is I’m not writing it 5 on 5 just because I have two complaints.

The first one is I wish it had some kind of rubber grip so that it would become much more comfortable to hold. The second thing is the tripod that comes with it. It is actually a kind of a three-legged thing which you attach at the bottom of the gimbal and it acts like a tripod but I wish it would have been a bit sturdier. Because if you’re shooting in the windy situations you can’t rely on that smaller tripod so you need to actually attach Moza Mini-Mi gimbal to a much sturdier tripod. But overall the build quality is very good.

Moza Mini-Mi Modes

Moza Mini-Mi has all the gimbal modes that you see in the other smartphone gimbals. If you want your smartphone to be fixed no matter where you move that is present. If you want your mobile to move as you roll as you tilt Moza Mini-Mi has this feature too. All the modes that you see in the other gimbals are there as I mentioned already. But one thing that I actually love about this gimbal is the inception mode.

Inception Mode

Inception mode helps the smartphone to move in 360 degrees and actually helps to create that circular motion. It looks extremely cinematic and it looks very very creative. If you’re moving forward or backward you can create some very very dynamic looking shots. Now why I loved the inception mode is because this mode is present in many of the expensive gimbals that actually are intended towards professional cameras. But this being a mobile gimbal and still having an inception mode is I think is a very very good plus point.

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There are various controls on the gimbal there are some buttons which help you actually toggling the modes and the buttons are extremely responsive. The joystick that you get in the gimbal will help your smartphone to move in the horizontal or vertical direction and it is extremely responsive. Overall the build quality and the buttons are really good and it will help you to control your mobile very easily.

The main thing about a gimbal is stability and overall the stability of MOZA Mini-MI is pretty good. So doesn’t matter what mode you are using or if you are actually using the joystick to move your mobile phone the gimbal is very very stable.

Wireless Charging

Another good feature about this gimbal is it has wireless charging. Wireless charging is going to be useful of course if your mobile phone supports wireless charging. When you’re shooting it actually is a very good feature. But if you’re shooting at extremely high resolution like 4K 60fps the battery is going to degrade at a faster rate compared to what it is charging. At that time your battery percentage might decrease but it will decrease slowly so that’s a good thing to have. One thing to keep in mind, that’s not rocket science obviously, when you’re using the wireless charging mode the battery life of the gimbal will get affected because you’re eventually using the battery from the gimbal itself to charge your mobile phone.

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When you compare the MOZA Mini-MI gimbal with the Zion and the DJI Osmo. The thing is it’s very comparable in terms of stability and build quality. But the inception mode and the wireless charging features is what makes MOZA Mini-MI slightly better. I think it’s a very very great gimbal because the price you’re paying it’s worth like $109. It’s a very very good gimbal for the price you’re paying so it’s extremely worth it.

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