Nikon Announces COOLPIX W150 Compact Digital Camera

Nikon Announces COOLPIX W150 Compact Digital Camera

The COOLPIX W150 has been announced by Nikon, a colorful and rough point-and-shoot digital camera that is shockproof from drops up to 1.8 m (5.9 ft), waterproof down to 10 m (33 ft), dustproof and coldproof down to -10C (14F). The new model features a
13-megapixel sensor and a 3x NIKKOR optical zoom lens, Target Finding AF, multiple scene modes and support for Full HD video recording with stereo audio.

Nikon has positioned the W150 as an adult and child-friendly digital camera; the camera manufacturer has used a modified user interface that is simple enough to navigate for first-time users. The camera supports SnapBridge to transfer images to an Android or iOS device automatically from the camera.

The W150 has a few original and unique scene modes, including ‘underwater face-framing’, ‘add clarity underwater’, ‘picture-in-picture’ and ‘add little planet effect.’ The W150 has also other features like image lock, Smile Timer, Exchange Messages for adding voice messages to photos and a grading function for image and video rating.

The Nikon W150 is available in color and pattern options for white, orange, blue, flower and resort. Nikon has not yet mentioned pricing or availability.

Nikon’s press release:

Nikon releases the COOLPIX W150 compact digital camera

A waterproof and shockproof camera with a wide variety of scene modes and editing functions to offer users an enjoyable shooting experience

TOKYO – April 23, 2019 – Nikon Corporation (Nikon) is pleased to announce the release of the COOLPIX W150, a compact digital camera that offers superior water- and shock-proofing.

The COOLPIX W150 is a highly water-, shock-, cold- and dust-proof camera that supports shooting in a wide variety of situations, including capturing leisure activities at the pool or beach. A compact, rounded design makes it easy to handle for both children and adults alike. The addition of new and appealing color options and patterns to the camera body will make shooting leisure activities even more enjoyable.

The camera offers an effective pixel count of 13.2 million*1 pixels and is equipped with a 3x optical zoom NIKKOR lens. It is also equipped with functions that make recording photos and movies with superior image and picture quality fun and easy for anyone. These include the Target Finding AF*2function, where the camera detects and focuses on the primary subject, and a function for recording Full HD movies*3 with stereo sound.

It also offers a variety of scene modes*4 and editing functions that allow users to capture memories and experiences in impressive photos. The variety of scene modes and effects allow users to explore unique possibilities and share these photos and movies with their loved ones.

Its compatibility with SnapBridge allows photos taken with the camera to be automatically downloaded*5 to a smart device*6 for easy sharing of high-quality photos.

  • *1 May be reduced with image processing.
  • *2 With shooting in [Point and shoot] mode.
  • *3 “Full-HD” indicates an ability to record in the 1920 x 1080 format.
  • *4 “Scene mode” corresponds to “Choose a style” in this model.
  • *5 Images (JPEG) reduced to 2-megapixel equivalent can be transferred automatically. Automatic transfer of original JPEG images and movies is not supported.
  • *6 iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch®, and Android™ devices to which the SnapBridge app has been installed can be used. The SnapBridge app can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store® and Google Play™. See Nikon’s website for further information.

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