Profoto B10 Off-Camera Flash Review

Profoto B10 Review

The B10 is decidedly a Profoto light. Offering consistent output, color temperature and energy stability associated with the brand. But here’s the thing, The Profoto B10 is basically the size of the camera lens. Think of it as like a slightly shorter, slightly fatter 72-200mm. It weighs a little over 3 pounds (1.36 kg) with a battery and light stand adapter attached. It’ll output 250 watt-seconds with up to 400 full power flashes per charge.

Profoto App

If you prefer constant light, the built-in LED provides 2500 lumens. Adjustable between 3000-6500 Kelvin. All of this can be controlled with the new Profoto App.

I was constantly impressed with the quality and speed of the light. If you’ve used to B1, B1X or B2, you’re going to feel right at home. Full compatibility with Profoto Air remotes gives you TT-L and HSS support for most major brands. Of course, over 120 dedicated Profoto light-shaping tools.

From standard portraits to experiments with smoke the Profoto B10 held up anything that we threw out at it. We even mixed in a B1 and found the lights to be highly complementary.

USB-C Connection

The menu system on the B10 is awesome. In fact, it looks a lot like the A1 shoe mounted flash. Super bright, very contrasty easy-to-read and some of the surprises that I saw on the B10 where all of the communication with the head completely wireless. Either through the Profoto app. Or, using an Air Remote. There’s no PC sync. There’s no sync cord port. You are either doing it through the app, or you’re going to be doing with a Profoto Air Remote. Also, Profoto B10 has a USB-C port on it. It is the first time I’ve ever seen USB-C on a professional strobe.


If you’re a photographer that needs the highest quality light. In one of the most compact form factors around, the B10 Might just be the light you’ve been looking for. I love the idea of fitting a camera your lenses, 1 or 2 B10s in a backpack and just heading out into the field.

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