“Talking ‘Shop” Is A New Podcast About Photoshop Made by Dave Cross

Talking 'Shop Is A New Podcast About Photoshop Made by David Cross

Dave Cross, one of the leading Photoshop educators, has launched a new podcast called “Talking ‘Shop”. With this podcast, Dave will give you weekly Adobe Photoshop tutorials. If you are a photographer who is always looking for new podcasts to subscribe, “Talking ‘Shop” is for you.

Dave Cross has been teaching Photoshop and related programs for over 25 years. He is an Adobe Certified Instructor and Certified Technical Trainer who even wrote the Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) certification exam for Photoshop CC.

Adobe Photoshop is a more visual program, and the idea of an audible show for a program that looks like this might seem strange at first. But Dave Cross doesn’t plan to record tutorials or step-by-step instructions. Instead, there will be topics such as news, tips, listener questions that can be easily listened while walking.

“Talking ‘Shop” podcast description says “Learn new approaches to working in Photoshop, how to work more efficiently, and how to get your creative juices flowing, every week Photoshop Educator Dave Cross will be talking (both solo and with guests) about important topics such as Troubleshooting Tips, Best Practices, What’s Next for Photoshop and much more. [T]here will be a weekly tip and he’ll answer listener questions. The goal is to provide useful and interesting information that will help listeners in their journey to learn Photoshop.”

If you want to start the “Talking ‘Shop” podcast right away, you can start listening to the episodes that have been published so far:

You can also use Apple, Google, and several other podcast apps and services to subscribe to “Talking ‘Shop”.

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