Three Items To Improve Your Photography

Three Items To Improve Your Photography

David Bergman from AdoramaTV gives a quick tip about three things you can get that will make your photographic life just a little bit easier. Of course, there are obvious things like, cameras and lenses, but he talks about just a few things that he uses on a regular basis.

1. Photo Mechanic

David says “I’ve been using Photo Mechanic for almost 20 years, way back from when I was a newspaper photographer and we’d have literally thousands of images to go through on multiple cards. What photo mechanic does is, it allows you to ingest all of your images, embed caption and copyright information into the file and then lets you tag and rate your images however you want. I still use a separate raw converter program to work on my files but this way I only bring the ones that have made it through my photo mechanic edit, into that converter and it saves me hours and hours of time”

2. Multiple Shoe Mount

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So the next item will help you take multiple shoe mount flashes and put them into a light modifier, like a photo umbrella. He says “You know that adding multiple flashes is a great thing because if you’re outdoors doing a portrait, it’ll really help you to overpower the sun. But it can be really clumsy to make it happen with all those flashes. So what you want to get is something like Flashpoint Triple Shoe Mount Bracket. It allows you to put up to three flashes on one stand and has a swivel built-in so you can angle your umbrella however you want”.

3. Rechargeable Battery

Lastly, have you ever been somewhere with a dead battery and had absolutely nowhere to plug in? David says “I’m not just talking about your phone battery but even things like computers, cameras, and flashes. What do you do that situation? The Paul C. Buff Vagabond Mini Lithium is a small lightweight rechargeable battery that has two household plugs and one USB port. So you can recharge your devices anywhere, even in the middle of nowhere. The best part is that it’s a pure sine wave power source, so you can even run studio lights right off of the battery. I have an old Dynalite Strobe that this thing works beautifully with. So I have 400W/s of power anywhere, anytime I need it”.

None of these things by themselves are going to make you a better photographer. The only way to get better is to continue learning and shooting but these items might make your life just a little bit easier as you continue down your photographic path.

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